Thank you replica makers, soo now not only rich people can look good.

Head over to repsneakers fashionreps and you'll find better sellers than Chan. Chan is a scammer and scammed thousands off his customer. This documentary is likely very outdated as his subreddit is completely dead alongside his business.

sway c but would you feel bad about yourself if you bought a shoe that cost dollars to make for 3 figures or higher? would you feel ashamed, like a sucker, like you were pretending even if the shoes were genuine, because you still are investing (if you can even call that investing since you aren't flipping the shoes or saving them to resell later to collectors as they become rarer like some people do with comics, etc etc etc) in a shoe, something you wear, and many if not most people wear them to be seen by others, to be thought of as wealthy. (or to be seen as rich i guess, because actually wealth and money are not the same thing, please feel free to look it up if you don't believe it unless yo are already aware of the difference.). just because you want to portray an image to other people i wonder? just wondering, because for all i know you don't even care about fashion or wearing new sneakers or whatever, but i just find it interesting talking with others about where their personal moral compass is, their views on what they believe is right and wrong and how they see themselves and others. your objection to fakes seems to be from how you would feel about yourself as if the shoes you wear, real or fake define you in any way. i guess i could sort of see your point of view if you said you have an objection to stealing intellectual property such as designs. as an artist i don't mind as i have found in the long run if you have real talent it only creates more hype for you to have people bootlegging your music it also reaches a wider audience, but i can understand and respect how many others aren't okay with being stolen from. but its also odd to me to have any loyalty to a corporation, its not a person, and trust me they damn sure don't care about you or their child slave workers, at least in the case of so many major brands.. even major brands who genuinely try to be vigilant against child labor have had histories of buying from suppliers who employ kids multiple times. if your personal moral creed was that you're not okay with stealing regardless, the world is not that black and white in my view, but i agree that some things re just true, and you know when you are a baby that its wrong because even before major socialization you ar able to empathize with others and it hurts your stomach and heart to do some things to people. unless you are born a sociopath, non- emotive, etc. i can definitely respect someone who sticks to their moral compass, instead of saying oh well i say this and do something else, or entertains double standards etc. but id be interested to hear why you feel a shoe reflects on you as a person. or the supposed authenticity of a shoe. if you were honest about them being fake, then would it still bother you? anyways end of rant sorry for writing an entire novel I'm testing a new speech to text mobile device add on for the disabled i just whipped up in my garage, so also please excuse any lack of punctuation.)

Nike Air Monarch IV 'Father's Day 2019'
some from sneakerlegger their replicas are really good

Buying reps is nowhere near as scary as he makes it seem if you actually get educated on this sort of thing. There's a whole community of people that can help you out with reps (repsneakers or fashionreps). Betting he didn't go with a middleman either, hence the ripoff price. Reps are honestly really fascinating to me

Not gonna lie I think that's one of the lamest things anyone could do. If I can't buy something I buy an alternative, real item I can afford. People love to say it's about the design but then you look at fashionreps and all they wear is v2s with off white and Gucci. Shits lame, sorry.

What difference does it makes!?

1.- Research
2.- New materials development
3.- New techniques
4.- Brand support for quality
5.- survive of your favorite brand

I know this corporation world is sometimes its hard for the low income people or that 12-20 ish YO kid who wants to wear a shoe that it's on fashion.
This fake replica shoes maybe the answer but the quality is so low at times that you may end up paying 20-100 on a fake pair to be thrown to the garbage in the next 6 months.
I have been fooled into buying fakes, and when the look the same, the sole is so hard it huts, the insulation is so bad you either get smelly and sweaty feet or the opposite too cold cos there is nothing actually acting as a regulator.
the stitches are so weak and done As fast as possible, that they will run easily.

The sole materials are too soft for the floor it will wear out really really really fast.
The glue/stitches used to get the shoe together is so cheap it may fall apart into pieces while running or if you are on a surface too hot.

I rather buy the cheapest version of a brand shoe line, than buying fakes, I've got sneakers made by well established brands such as Reebok, Nike, Adidas and others that have lasted over a decade and are still in good shape.

If you want cheap shoes for shows, well go ahead and buy Chinese fakes, rarely you run into real well made shoes that will last as much as a pair of the real ones.
If you want cheap shoes that last, buy the lower tier of the brand name shoes, they will last enough to get your money worth.
If you need or use shoes for work/training/trekking/outdoor activities, and you don't have enough to get a good shoes for what you are needing them I suggest save your money and save until you do.
This are my two cents.

If you want to actually make these type of videos, you should do more research about replicas and check the fashionreps reddit to make sure number one you are getting the most expensive reps and number two getting the highest quality reps, anyways still a cool vid.

balenciaga track trainer, dad shoes, blue shoe, chunky sneaker, summer shoe, sneaker trends
just not authorized but they no fake
CREDIT: Rex/Shutterstock

If that were the case, there would be just a few pairs of scientifically optimized types of shoes for various utilitarian needs (walking, running, injury recovery, construction, etc.), so the aesthetics/fashion/art of shoes is also clearly something ppl consider. this (aesthetics/fashion/art) is valued differently for each individual, thus the range of pricing which exists.

I bet even if you had a hypothetical perfect pair of shoes in regards to how it improves performance for whatever you're into, you'd have a preference to what color they'd be (unless color is a factor in utility i.e. you're a graveyard shift security guard or a ninja and so you need them to be black/blue; or you're hiking/skiing and need them to be brightly colored or neon in case you need to be rescued and spotted from a helicopter; or you're biking in the dark and so need them to be 3M/reflective for safety's sake)

Yeezy Boost 700 V2 new colorway
people have access to affordable fashion that is overpriced otherwise
CREDIT: Adidas

The dad shoe has also become an umbrella term of sorts for shoes on the chunkier side. Take for example the “ugly sandal” or “dad sandal” that has made a huge comeback for this season in both the men and women’s market.


Teva Midform Universal Leather, summer shoe trends, 2019 summer trends, sports sandals
Teva sell fakes so bad just sell them in the fashion reps subreddit
CREDIT: Zappos

Saleeby he's using sneakerahead, but they're not actually the best fakes. I've been on fashionreps and repsneakers for years so if you need a link to the best reps let me know which type of shoe you want (since most rep sellers specialise in a certain shoe brand).

If any of you guys arent embarassed or just too broke to buy real designer clothes or reps, go on the reddit subreddit, fashionreps, biggest community out there for this stuff. Please like so people who want this stuff can see.

  • If any of you guys arent embarassed or just too broke to buy real designer clothes or reps, go on the reddit subreddit, fashionreps, biggest community out there for this stuff. Please like so people who want this stuff can see.
  • Mr. romeo_ i am not the dude who made the video obviously but I highly suggest you check out repsneakers and fashionreps on reddit. They discuss all batches and stuff so you know which ones to get. Good luck man.
  • Enigma <br />Unauthorized versions of shoes can be as you said, exactly the same or even BETTER quality (as also you stated).

What makes them ??fake?? has nothing to do with the quality but the fact that they were not officially released by the brand that designed and created them.

Do you have any idea how much work goes into creating a shoe?

By the time the end product is released, sometimes hundreds of people have had a part in the creation of that product.

It's a form of art. I understand your point about possibly being a victim to a brands marketing but it goes beyond that.

I am not ??programmed?? to buy their shoes Which is why I stated that if I can't afford them then I just don't buy them.

I would much rather have the authentic version versus a version where an idea was completely stolen and replicated. You are in a sense robbing those people of all the time and effort and creativity that was put into that product and instead giving your money to someone who just copied them.

Which brings me to my next point.
Your presumption that I am simply trying feel better about myself and trying to ?fit into a group?? is false. I would argue that those buying the replicas are the ones that so desperately want to fit in and feel like they belong. THEY are the ones that have fallen victims to the brand. This is why I said I already know why people buy fakes. It's for that reason. To feel they fit in.

To your point about it mattering weather or not the shoe is real or if you can afford it, no it does not matter at all. Just like if someone drives a nice car versus someone driving an old car or someone taking the bus. It doesn??t matter.
It doesn??t make you a better or worse person what kind of shoe you wear or where it came from. But if you??re ok with trying to look like something you??re not, than there is where the internal problem with ones self lies.

Joshua Daniher yeah bro, on FashionReps they are everywhere. Been buying retail all my life, once I found out about replicas, switched all the way and it is true what they say, you only pay because of the name

The 46$ is so it can go through customs without getting seized. If you need any help getting the best replicas or anything to review i can help you our or check out the subreddits repsneakers, fashionreps

reddit fashionreps and repsneakers are the best communitys Ive seen. Super genuine community, great for free legit checks. And they do protect a lot of people from fakes on grailed etc. THEY ARE AMZINF.

I have done some work in the industry (this isn't my real name, ha!) and would like to give you a bit of insight. What often happens is that counterfeits/replicas/fakes start off life as factory samples: Nike, adidas, Puma etc...they do not make their own shoes in their own factories (this is slowly changing for some very high tech shoes though). They simply subcontract out manufacture to independently run factories in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc. What happens is they send design specs to a number of factories and ask them to make sample pairs, to check for quality etc. After some banter on pricing, they may select one, sometimes two factories to do a production run. The other factories that didn't get the order are supposed to destroy all existing samples and the tooling...most reputable ones do...But on occasion, some staff members take the blueprints and manufacturing process documentation, sometimes tooling and sell them to less reputable places. That is how the quality replicas often start life. There is a huge amount of shoemaking expertise in Asia and many of the Nike Air limited releases are based off well understood technology and materials - the Nike Air Force design has been around for over 30 years, thus it is easy for many to make excellent quality replicas. It is harder to properly copy higher technology designs like the adidas ultraboost, with the knit material uppers, Continental rubber outsole and of course the boost material, but this is changing rapidly. Oh, and sometimes 'replicas' are made by the authorised factories, but simply do not pass QC checks...and sometimes, what they do is when they get an order for maybe 25,000 pairs, they make 30,000 instead. 25,000 get sent through authorised supply chain channels...and the other 5,000 leave the factory via guys on motorbikes, private trucks etc. It's an interesting industry indeed...

$200 you got ripped off , reputable fake sellers that you can find on reddits fashionreps take paypal , also the best pair of travis scotts are $165 , you got ripped off.

Joshua Daniher idek if you?ll respond, but there is a reddit site connected to fashionreps called fashionrepsBST and the people on there sell there reps as reps for rep price.

Read my comment again, slowly and carefully. You don?t see the hole picture and neither grasp the complexity of this subject. Matter of fact, you?re a waste of time and frankly i could give zero ** to your opinion either lol. Its LITERALLY made by nike, ofc its officially illegal but the point is that the stuff comes from nike itself. They also sell their waste parts and other lower quality materials to those fakers. They know very well what happens with those parts and they gladly take their big cut from this replica market. At the end of the day, i also said that i prefer originals because of the better materials and most likely better Stiches etc.

Like i said the originals hold longer, but you must be really ** if you pay 1-5k for some jays which lose 80% of their worth as soon as you wear them lol. I can get literally 1:1 looking ones for like a 100 bucks. Why pay like the 50 times amount? Its not worth it. I rock my basic shoes like air force/max original and those rare and limited jays replica. Whats the problem? They look the same on the street anyways. Go get a real hobby and stop arguing over such unimportant things in life while there is so much wrong things going on in the world.

You seem to be stuck at shoes.. lol. Enjoy them, wear em and be quite. Nb cares how much u paid for your sneakers. Everyone knows you are not a millionaire even if you buy them originally, so what do you try to prove? You're still broke lol. Funny guys you are here who try to bash a scam market and try to act like you are such a lawful and law abiding citizen. Great accomplishment mate. Keep going. And sorry if i sound angry or anything, its just that people like you make me mad and laugh lol. Simple creatures. Just look at this video, it?s embarrassing lol. Its fact that they both are literally the same shoe.. open your eyes.

Generally there are some shoes that do GREAT in reps and some that don't. Of instance almost all off white x Nike reps are pretty iffy. Don?t get me wrong they are good but getting a closer look it?s easy to spot a fake from a real pair because of font sizing etc. This can?t be distributed. U can?t exactly copy a font text if u work in the design industry and u understand the process u know how difficult it is to replicate a personalised font. Neither do I think the rep manufactures have the capability to do it

But with that being said there ARE shoes that are great with fakes. Simple retro 1s eg travis Scott 1s... they almost perfect. I bought my 1s at a steal price of 800 at the time and I couldn?t bare to wear a 800$ sneakers that like a solid holiday for me so I decided to buy a rep just for lulz cos I heard u can send it back and get ur refund if u are not satisfied... but when the shoes came I kept it and rocked it daily.
People who are on their high horse about authentic pairs only need to blow one. Let's be real you're probably not millionaire and basic financial accounting says u can?t buy something that is 1/3 of ur salary.
I think this next decade will just see a rise in fakes and there?s nothing you can really do about it. It will be ok I raffle and try to get the drop. If I don?t yeah I'll rock a 1:1 pair jus cos I really want them
Wise up 2020.

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